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April 01, 2015
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Our goal is to better career outcomes, and experiences along the way. We want to build a platform, with higher education in mind, that increases student engagement when it comes to career development and management, and provide coaching, preparation, and insights, so that they can better their outcomes.

Meet the Organizers

Brian Taffora taffora

Managing Director of CSA Partners LLC.
CSA Partners LLC

Thad Nation WiredWI

Thad Nation is the founder and executive director of Wired Wisconsin, a statewide consumer tech organization that advocates for pro growth tech policies at the nation, state and local levels. Thad is also the founder and senior partner of the public strategies firm, Nation Consulting.
Wired Wisconsin

Troy Vosseller

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Past Presenters



ONKÖL improves the quality of life for the millions of baby boomers that are caring for their parents or loved ones, by enabling the elderly to participate in the Internet of Things (IoT). We do this by offering a monitoring and data aggregation solution that is easy to buy, simple to set up and use, and affordable. We combine beautiful design with open-architecture technology that can link hundreds of home and health monitoring sensors.

Bright Cellars


Bright Cellars is a subscription wine experience that matches members with four bottles of wine per month using an algorithm created by its MIT-grad co-founders. Members discover and rate new wine to improve future matches.

Pixologie is a photo organization and management company that can convert or digitize old photos, media and treasured memorabilia so that memories can be preserved and stories told, celebrated and shared. We do this for individuals, families, groups and businesses. We create photo books, slide shows, wall art or whatever you need to tell your story.

Sparked Systems


Software company creating altraNP, the solution for simple non-profit data management. Easily maintain the data non-profits care about for clients, donors, and volunteers.

Warthog Financials, Inc.


Kiva Zip provides 0% interest loans to financially excluded and socially impactful entrepreneurs in the United States and Kenya. We aim to expand financial opportunities for entrepreneurs, reduce the cost of capital, and enhance connections between lenders and borrowers.

Keystone Insights, Inc. DBA DocWrite


DocWrite (tm) is a completely mobile and secure, end-to-end digital documentation management system for dictation and transcription. Utilizing proprietary mobile apps on Apple's App Store and Google Play for the dictation device and web browser access utilizing Amazon's cloud servers as the management, transcription and voice recognition engine, user’s can capture their ideas anytime, anywhere, while getting their results faster. DocWrite is a complete solution without the need for IT support staff.



Financial coaching to young professionals by monthly subscription. No minimums, no commissions, just pure advice for what makes you feel wealthy at any age.

Uber Technologies


Uber is evolving the way the world moves. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our apps, we make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers. From our founding in 2009 to our launches in over 200 cities today, Uber's rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring people and their cities closer.

National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum


The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum is expected to open in 2016 in Milwaukee. The Hall of Fame and Museum will house the world's largest collection of bobbleheads and bobblehead-related exhibits. Plans also include a bobblehead-themed restaurant that can be expanded across the country. The Hall of Fame and Museum also creates and markets custom bobbleheads for individuals, businesses and organizations.

CraftFund LLC


CraftFund is a platform for local residents to craft the future of their communities through investments in food, drink and place makers. We are one of the first investment crowdfunding platforms open to the general public (as opposed to only those with high net worth) and are piloting our concept in WI under the new state crowdfunding law. Wisconsin residents who certify their residency can currently view offers and invest up to $10,000 in Wisconsin companies on our site.

Small Shops United


Small Shops United is an internet-based marketing platform that offers unique perks to local consumers, provides data-rich customer intelligence to small business owners, and reinvents the way schools and non-profits raise funds.



Xconomy is an online news publication that covers local stories about innovative startups in a variety of sectors, including software, biotech, clean energy, advanced manufacturing, and more. We are based in Boston, with 10 bureaus around the country, including Wisconsin. Xconomy is dedicated to providing business and technology leaders with timely, insightful, close-to-the-scene information about the local personalities, companies, and technological trends that best exemplify today’s high-tech economy.

Home Front Alliance


Home Front Alliance is the creator of CollegeRecon.com. CollegeRecon connects those who've served, those currently serving, and their families with colleges and universities across the country. It provides users access to over 3,000 two and four year colleges, excluding for-profit schools. Users have the ability to build robust personal profiles, utilize our extensive college search platform and directly connects users with on-campus decision makers.

Procurement Concepts LLC


Procurement Concepts is a group purchasing organization (GPO) that aggregates spend across small, medium and large corporations resulting in extreme discounts and increasing your purchasing power. What makes us different than other GPO's? Through the use of technology and spend analytics, our members enjoy travel discounts, discount office supplies, expense reporting savings and discounted credit card processing fees. And, we prove it with monthly reporting. Why are discounts so EXTREME? We partner with one vendor in each category. It is a win - win situation! Our vendors win because we guarantee exclusivity and our members win because they take advantage of the extreme discounts associated with our volume and exclusivity! Since we work specifically with small businesses and non-profit organizations we made the economical decision to not charge our members for access to discounts, so enjoy no risks and all the rewards by joining today

Name TBD


I'm currently developing a SaaS application that allows event promoters to easily track and manage their show vendors and exhibitors. This is a B2B platform that also works to create a network of event promoters, vendors, and venues.

Satori Labs


We design artisan foods that are fortified with vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts that help our customers manage chronic diseases and experience a higher quality of life.

Beekeeper Labs, Inc.


Beekeeper is a licensed, collaborative software platform that lets executives and non-technical employees quickly and easily ask many different questions of their company’s data. Beekeeper occupies a unique space in the market both in terms of it’s focus on mid-market companies, and it’s value to these companies by offering quick access to non-technical users to the raw data and building up the tribal data knowledge of a company by tracking data activity.

U the Center, LLC


U the Center is a cloud-based service that enables students to find resources within their campus community. It is a site where students, faculty, and alumni are able to connect, communicate, collaborate, and create projects based on specified course work or common interests.



Inventalator is a crowdsourced development community that helps entrepreneurs validate, develop, and launch technology products. Our vision is to build the assembly line of the 21st Century by empowering entrepreneurs with the tools, resources, & connections they need to transform ideas into market ready solutions faster and more in line with the voice of the customer.

VibeTech, Inc.


VibeTech is a NASA Spinoff company that has commercialized its first product, pioneering physical therapy for people with impaired physical mobility. Our solution solves a large market problem with a strong competitive advantage. We have conceptualized, prototyped and patented multiple innovative technologies that fit into our expansive business strategy. The recently introduced, FDA-registered VibeTech One(TM) serves eldercare, sports medicine and other rehab centers.



We are an online platform for fishing guides to show a real time availability calendar, accept online reservations and payments, utilize a point of sale system, and CRM tools to grow their business.



ScanTribution will produce software and a Smart Money System - that makes tracking charitable contributions seamless.

Brew City Boxes LLC


Moving soon? We rent plastic moving boxes. Brew City Boxes offers a sustainable, convenient alternative to buying cardboard boxes for moving. We drop them off at your front door, you pack and move them (or pay someone to), and we come take them back. Our primary business is renting boxes to residential customers, but we also offer commercial services as well.

Modern Movement


Modern Movement (MM) is pioneering a new method for measuring and improving balance. MM is aiming to be first to market with a patented system which tracks instability and movement. The software runs through a smartphone and has three modes: Play, Train, and Measure. A range of solutions will enable this system to perform as a game controller, a fitness tool, or a physical therapy device. MM’s Gen-1 products have sold over 2,000 units through a network of 100 retailers, and will be debuting in a national retailer this fall. By Q1 of 2015, MM will be launching its first smart balance trainer. Modern Movement is a Madison-based, Wisconsin C-corporation.



• Trails-2-Parks is a fun, educational, social network that focuses on all the beauty in the trails and parks around Wisconsin. It has detailed maps and alluring photographs displaying the key points and areas of interest within them. It also teaches you about all the living things you will come across while in nature. Through creative interaction, Trails-2-Parks will encourage you to connect with like minded people and get out and explore the great outdoors of Wisconsin.

Find My Spot


Find My Spot is a technology tool that enables real estate agents, apartment locators, and brokers to do their job more efficiently. An intuitive yet powerful search platform allows professionals to align their client’s apartment preferences with accurate availability and pricing information. Employee relocation contracts are also offered directly to employers in the Milwaukee area.

Stock Mfg. Co.


Stock is a vertically integrated, domestically made clothing brand that designs, develops and manufactures everything in our Chicago factory, and sells directly to consumers without any traditional retail markups. We are a premium, American-made menswear line that's sold at roughly half the price of comparable brands.

The Good Jobs


The Good Jobs is a turnkey employment branding solution for attracting and retaining the right talent. The Good Jobs helps companies to leverage their cultures better to improve candidate and employee engagement as well as reduce turnover. The Good Jobs starts with a Culture Workshop to learn about where an organization's culture is today, then offers an instant Culture Career Site for company website and shares data analytics through proprietary Culture Badges.

BomBoard LLC


We are creating a new market for high performance watercraft. We have invented the world's first 4 piece modular jet ski, that fits in the back of a car when disassembled and offering it the world's lowest price of $3,495 (or $99 per month). We are also using a disruptive direct channel to sell the BomBoard that leverages the best of the Internet / Social Media technologies with an army of local brand ambassadors that can show off the BomBoard and provide demo rides.

Project Foundry


Project Foundry manages the complex workflow of teachers and students to plan, assess, report, and showcase Project-Based Learning. Project Foundry is the leading SaaS solution for managing Project-Based Learning for grades K-16. Project Foundry serves 6,000+ students and teachers in 25 states with trailing 12 month revenue of $250,000. The Project Foundry solution is provided by Keystone Insights, Inc. a QNBV-certified Wisconsin C corporation. Recapitalized in 2012, we are in Gener8tor 2014 summer class

HITLIST is an embeddable advertising platform for online publishers that uses gamification to increase a user's time on site and also gathers valuable survey responses from those users which translate into previously unknown streams of revenue for publishers. Beta tested over 18 months with some of the largest brands in America. 30 beta customers and over $300,000 in beta revenue. 2 Patents pending.



Snapifeye instantly creates viral ads at the events you host and sponsor.



Okanjo provides cloud-based eCommerce enablement services for media, nonprofit, retail, higher ed, and manufacturing, powered by its proprietary cloud commerce platform.

Scanalytics Inc


A sensor-based, action-oriented engagement and analytics platform for physical spaces. Our proprietary "SoleSensors" are intelligent, sensor-laden floor mats that provide a highly granular and precise layer of consumer and human behavior unobtrusively. The data from the SoleSensors is easily layered on top of existing software and fully compatible with other sensor data like camera, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Our comprehensive API and software suite provides a complete technology-agnostic hub for users looking to harness the power of multiple nodes and data points for many applications.

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